Welcome to the Firearms Training Associates (FTA) website. FTA is based in Orange County, California with worldwide capabilities.

Whether you are in the military, law enforcement, or a civilian/private citizen, we are here to assist you with the very best in quality, firearms training.

For more information regarding our training facilities, our instructor's qualifications, or class schedules, please feel free to explore our entire site or contact us directly.

Upcoming Classes 
Sep. 22nd - 23rd, 2014CCW California Concealed Carry Weapon Course $179.95
Sep. 22nd, 2014CCW California Concealed Carry Weapon Renewal Course $80.00
Sep. 25th, 2014Basic Recreational Handgun Safety $90.00
Sep. 27th, 2014Advanced Pistol - Low Light & Night Shooting $225.00
Sep. 27th - 28th, 2014Long Range Rifle $495.00

Currently Firearms Training Associates has three locations at which we give classes.

1. Our Riverside location which is our original training facility. This facility is located at a shooting range called, "Raahauge Shooting Enterprises" located at 14995 River Road, Corona, Ca 92880. Our training facility has two classrooms, three ranges, an indoor shoot-house and and out-door live fire house. We have schedule classes and private classes. (This location is approx. 45 minutes from Disneyland Park)

2. Our second location is at "Field Time Target and Training" located at 8230 Electric Avenue, Stanton, Ca 90680. This facility is located in the center of Orange County. This is a beautiful facility in which the owners have taken great pride to build a wonderful indoor shooting facility complete with a beautiful classroom. (This location is 15 minutes from Disneyland Park, and Knots Berry Farm)

3. Our third location is our newest facility. This facility is located in Las Vegas, Nevada just 35 minutes from the Strip. The actual address is: 12801 U.S. 95 South Boulder City, Nevada, 89005. The range our new facility is located on is, "Pro Gun Club". Our facility on this range is called, "Surefire Institute Las Vegas". Although we will conduct classes for all levels of shooter at this facility, the emphasis will be on the higher level shooters such as first responders ie. law enforcement, military, and security professionals. This facility features a large air conditioned classroom, several ranges on of which will go out to 300 yards. This will be a great location to bring the whole family so that the family can play at the hotel while you train. The Grand Opening for this new facility is just before this year's Shot Show - January 14th and 15th.


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